12 E-Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

child learning virtually in school

Parents and students have never appreciated teachers more than they do this year, but thanks to social distancing, they can’t express their gratitude in person. Not all is lost though, because there are plenty of e-gifts for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week that can be sent right to their inbox (no physical contact required). Plus, since everyone is in the same boat, you won’t feel upstaged by the Pinterest-perfect gift basket from another family.

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 4 through May 8. During a regular school year, this is the week teachers’ classrooms are full of flowers, candy, and other gifts from families to let them know how loved they are. But right now, classrooms are online chats and assignment boards, and gifts need to be chosen wisely in order to comply with quarantine measures.

Now that you’ve been trying to homeschool your child, you likely realize how difficult it is to keep them on task and engaged (while you try to remain patient and sane). So, one thing is for sure, this is definitely not the year to skip out on teacher appreciation gifts.

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Source: https://www.romper.com