Become a Saver

At UKRFCU, we strive to inspire and educate students in the Ukrainian community to make smarter decisions towards achieving financial success. Students can join our Student Savers program at our participating Ukrainian Schools. This program helps students develop a routine every Saturday to store away money into their savings accounts, so that they can be ready for their future. Students must have an account with UKRFCU to become a Student Saver.

Every time your student deposits with a UKRFCU Student Saver’s envelope, their name is automatically entered in the end-of-the-semester prize drawing.

One deposit per week, per registered Student Saver, can have your student winning big prizes.

How does the Student Saver program work?

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Sign up your child at one of our branch locations, by opening an account and registering for our Student Saver program.

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Fill Out

Students fill out a deposit form and enclose money for deposit inside. Place deposit envelopes into the Student Saver brown bag.

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Every week at the Ukrainian Schools, your student will have the chance to deposit their brown bag with a UKRFCU representative.

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A UKRFCU representative will make the deposit and return the brown bag to the Student Saver with a transactional receipt, blank deposit envelopes, and treats.


Participating Schools

Student Saver program is available in schools below:

  • Ukrainian Heritage School in Jenkintown, PA
  • Ukrainian School at Ukrainian National Home in Trenton, NJ
  • Evangelical Pentecostal Bible and Ukrainian Language School in Huntingdon Valley, PA
  • Ukrainian School at First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA