Benefits of Direct Deposit

business man stacking coins

Direct Deposit not only makes your life easier, but it can also help with money management. With Direct Deposit, your paychecks are deposited electronically directly to your UKRFCU Checking, Savings, or Loan account each pay period. Here are a few reasons why you should set up Direct Deposit:

  1. Money is available sooner – Your paychecks are cleared immediately and deposited into your account on payday.
  2. Money management – Direct deposit allows you to automatically disperse your paycheck into different accounts, such as your Savings, Checking, or Loan account.
  3. No misplaced checks – You can receive your funds on time instead of worrying about the check getting lost in the mail or misplacing it before making the trip to UKRFCU.
  4. Convenience – Direct Deposit saves you a trip to UKRFCU.
  5. Easier to pay bills – You know precisely when funds will appear in you account so you know exactly when you can pay bills or schedule automatic payments.
  6. No cost – Direct Deposit at UKRFCU is completely free of charge!
  7. Secure – If you never receive a physical paycheck, it can never get into the hands of people who can misuse it.

Ready to switch to direct deposit? Click here to download the Direct Deposit Form. Take this completed form to your employer’s payroll or HR department to provide them with the information needed to set up direct deposit with UKRFCU.