CU Youth Month April 2020

money magic cu youth month graphic

This April, we’re celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month, “Money Magic! Share, Spend and Save at Your Credit Union.” National Credit Union Youth Month serves to encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits by making savings fun and exciting. This whimsical theme makes it fun for kids to save for their future and helps them find joy in setting aside a little money for everyday spending and helping others. This year’s imagery centers on five kid-friendly characters:

  • Save – represented by a piggy bank pig named Penelope (Penny for short) who is always dreaming of the future
  • Spend – represented by a flamingo named Pinky who seizes the day and celebrates life by treating them self from time to time.
  • Share – represented by a unicorn named Hope who spreads joy by helping others.
  • Invest – represented by a bear named Benny who thinks about their future and invests at their credit union.
  • Budget – represented by a penguin named Prudence who pays their bills and keeps a fine spreadsheet of needed expenses.

Youth Month festivities serve as a launching pad to create lifelong relationships with young members by showing them the unique power of credit unions to help them achieve their goals. This is a time when credit unions all over the country promote to younger members the importance of savings by financial literacy, which will ultimately have a positive impact on knowledge and measurable financial behaviors. Financial literacy provides younger members with the knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being. We’ll help you with every step throughout your financial journey.

Throughout the month of April, we will be posting financial tips for young members. We encourage you to also take a moment to teach your children a thing or two about good money management skills.