Empower Younger Members during COVID-19 with Biz Kid$

family working from home on dining room table

Many of your members (and even staff) are facing uncharted waters when it comes to providing education at home for their kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly becoming home-school teachers was not on the radar for most Americans, and it can be daunting to try and plan out ways to educate and entertain kids at home.

The Foundation wants to help! Biz Kid$ is a youth education program fully funded (and branded) by America’s credit unions and teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. Made from the same producers as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Biz Kid$ teaches kids about money in the same fun, goofy, up-beat manor as Bill Nye taught kids about science.

But it is SO much more than just a TV show. Not only is Biz Kid$ an Emmy-award winning TV series for kids ages 9-16, but it includes a website with free activities and lesson plans that go along with each episode and provides interactive games (perfect for younger kids) to keep kids engaged with the content.

As the national champion for Biz Kid$, we wanted to help the credit union movement share these resources with staff and members. We have created a Biz Kid$ community/group that we hope you can join or share.

Here’s what we’ll be sharing in the Biz Kid$ group:

  • Weekly themes such as credit & debt, financial planning, entrepreneurship and more.
  • Episodes that pair with those themes (Seasons 1-3 available through Amazon Prime).
  • Accompanying activities and lesson plans for each of those episodes.
  • A common place for dialogue, sharing ideas and best practices for users.

What better time to reinforce or introduce the importance of personal finance to kids than now? Our hope is we can make your staff and members lives a little easier by providing a one-stop-shop for educational learning resources during this extra time at home.

We hope you’ll engage in our group and aid in empowering the next generation to care about their financial futures!

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