Six Reasons Why you Need a Digital Wallet

Young man holding his smartphone over payment machine while sitting by table in cafe during lunch

Try the easier, faster, and more secure way of paying with UKRFCU Debit and Credit Cards – online and on the go. Here are six reasons why:

  1. Convenience – With just a few taps, you can complete a transaction on your smartphone. You always have your phone with you, anyways. Now can pay for things on your phone instead of only texting or scrolling on Instagram.
  2. Time – Since you are purchasing items in mere seconds, checkout lines in stores are becoming shorter. No one likes to stand in checkout lines for long.
  3. Efficiency – Leave your wallet at home… intentionally and make quick mobile purchases with your UKRFCU VISA® Debit or Credit Card right from your Digital Wallet app. Don’t have cash with you, either? No worries – pay for items with your Digital Wallet app.
  4. Plethora of Wallets – UKRFCU VISA® Debit or Credit Card are compatible on these Digital Wallets: Apple Pay®, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay™, and Garmin Pay™.
  5. Secure – Your card account numbers are not transmitted when you make a transaction nor is your card number displayed on the card. This helps enhance the security of your finances. Additionally, although your cards are in digital format, they are still protected as if they were physical cards.
  6. Various ways to use it – Retailers and online stores also allow you to use your Digital Wallet when shopping on your computer. You can also use it within the app to make purchases right on your mobile app, too. This also makes the checkout process go smoother.

For more information about Digital Wallets, please click here.