Some Easy Money Moves to Make in 2021

member drinking coffee and using Online Banking on laptop form the comfort of home

The new year is here. That means it’s time to make adjustments to your finances. After such a tumultuous 2020, let’s review some ways to make 2021 a good financial year.

Start taking budgeting seriously

If you don’t use a tool to budget — like an app, a spreadsheet, anything — it’s time to start. A good budget requires planning. A budgeting tool will put your thoughts on paper, making the budget easier to follow.

Talk salary

Once the pandemic ends, you might be in a good spot to negotiate your salary. If you haven’t already, start keeping track of your personal accomplishments and things you’ve done that have benefited your company. Bring those ideas into your next review, and be ready to ask for a pay bump.

Time your shopping

Make things easier on your budget by shopping according to when items typically go on sale.

Make it automatic

It’s time to make your savings deposits automatic. This is an easy way to boost your nest egg, emergency fund, etc. You won’t miss the money that you don’t see. Out of sight, out of mind.

Consider a Credit Union

If you’re a big bank user, you might want to jump ship for a local financial institution. Take us, for example, UKRFCU is known for our lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and better customer service without sacrificing on convenience. To learn more about how Credit Unions are better than banks, read the Credit Union Difference. 


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