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UKRFCU Feasterville branch grand opening

Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union

There’s a unique story behind the creation of the Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union (UKRFCU) dating back to the emigration of Ukrainians from Ukraine to the USA after World War II.

Ukrainians began immigrating to cities across the United States – Philadelphia was one of the larger cities they settled in and became the birthplace of the UKRFCU (originally The Philadelphia Federal Credit Union established in 1952). “What we did then and what we do today is focus on helping immigrants and their families to build their financial future,” says Anatoli Murha, Director of Business Development at their Feasterville office.

The majority of their 11,000 members live within the vicinity of Philadelphia but as they noticed many members making moves toward Feasterville, they opened a new Administrative Center and Branch to the public in March of 2017 and have been a part of the community there for nearly two years.

“We’ve donated within the Ukrainian community and have a larger outreach supporting the police department, library, the fire department, and more. We’re involved in the Feasterville Fourth of July parade,” says Anatoli. “Our mission extends to supporting and being present in our community.”

The President of UKRFCU, Mary Kolodij, is proud of what they created for the community at large. “As an organization, we have embraced the credit union cooperative movement,” Mary says.

“We started with a focus on helping an immigrant community, but we are global citizens. Our goal is to help you save, get your first house or your first car and become affluent, build your credit profile.”

At UKRFCU, you’re getting the best deal in town. You don’t have to be Ukrainian to receive the benefits of joining this credit union. When you become a member, you become part of the organization. The biggest difference between banks and credit unions is credit unions are member-owned. “You’re a voice in selecting the Board of Directors who then hires management,” says Anatoli. “If I had to sum up what we do, we are the best-kept secret.”

With a long and successful history of dedicated community service, being an integral part of the community for over 65 years, UKRFCU forms this sense of community around you as a member.

“We are here to help our members who can’t make payments – we don’t want to see you foreclosed or want to repossess your home,” Mary says. “We are here for the people and here to work for you.”

They have their clients’ best interests in mind, and it extends beyond credit history and financial matters. The UKRFCU is special in that they consciously give back to their community. “We have a soft spot for educational resources,” Mary added. “We donate to schools, libraries, choirs, and the civics club in Feasterville (to name a few). The Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union donates almost $200,000 a year to charity.” To them, it’s about keeping their members happy and secure.

“We want to make your life easier and help you save money. To offer lower rates on your loans and give you a higher rate on your savings accounts,” Anatoli says. “We are always looking at how to benefit you and our community.”

To become a member, seek out the Feasterville branch at 221 W. Street Road, Feasterville, PA, 19053. For more information, please call them at 215-725-4430 or visit www.ukrfcu.com. They are willing to work with you.

Make the switch from a bank to a credit union and put yourself in the hands of someone who has your best interest in mind.

Photo Cap: The ribbon cutting ceremony at the Grand Opening of UKRFCU’s Feasterville Branch in May 2017. From left: Mary Kolodij, UKRFCU President, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), and Roman Petyk, UKRFCU Chairman.

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