12 Essential Travel Tips

woman on mobile phone using ukrfcu app

Summer is right around the corner…which means summer vacations and other traveling plans. Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay safe, informed, and stress-free with our 12 essential travel tips for wherever your adventure takes you:

1. Let us know you’re traveling.
First and foremost, call us to notify us of your travel plans, so we can make note on your account. If we notice a charge to your card when you’re in Oslo, Norway, we know not to block it as a fraudulent transaction.

2. Use Online Banking.
Online Banking offers you 24/7 access to your account. We offer you the tools to better check your account balances instantly, track your transactions, transfer funds securely, budget your spending, view statements, and much more.

3. Pay bills easily.
Set up our online Bill Pay service and stop stressing about paying your bills. Bill Pay lets you set up automatic payments for all your accounts. Quickly track your bills, schedule and cancel payments, and let Bill Pay handle the rest while enjoying a Caffe Macchiato in Rome.

4. Use your Mobile App.
When you have a life that’s always on the go, you need a bank that follows along with you. With UKRFCU’s Mobile Banking App, you can check your account balances instantly, transfer funds, or pay bills at your fingertips whether you’re laying on a beach in Barcelona or strolling next to the Eiffel Tower.

5. Deposit checks from your Mobile App.
Our Remote Check Deposit makes banking convenient and simple. Just tap open our Mobile Banking app, snap a picture of your check, and deposit your funds straight to your account.

6. Find free ATMs wherever you go.

Use CO-OP Shared Branching to find ATM locations or branches near you. To search for an ATM or Shared Branching location, visit www.co-opcreditunions.org/locator or search for the app by typing Shared Branching in the App Store or Google Play from your mobile device. Stop by a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles to withdraw cash and head over to Griffith Observatory for breathtaking views.

7. Use your UKRFCU Debit Card for cash back.

Purchase Rewards lets you earn rewards by using your UKRFCU Debit Card to purchase merchandise and services. Through this program, you’ll receive targeted offers to receive rewards on purchases based on how you shop. Log in to Online Banking to activate offers, redeem offers by paying with your card, and enjoy cash back deposited right into your account.

8. Get rewarded while using your VISA® Credit Card.

With our VISA® Signature Credit Card, you’ll get rewarded for using your credit card on airfare, hotels, rentals, gas, and so much more. Treat yourself on vacation and get rewarded while relaxing. To apply, click here.

9. Remember our Debit Card Limits.

For security purposes, when using your UKRFCU Debit Card, you can withdraw only $500 from an ATM and make purchases up to $1,000 in one transaction. If you need to increase your limit, please call us at 215-725-4430.

10. Make copies of important travel documents.

It is a good idea to make copies of your travel itinerary, health insurance cards, credit cards, and passport. Make sure to put these copies in a safe place. It’s also smart to email any important information about your trip to yourself before going on vacation so, it is easily accessible in case something gets lost.

11. Don’t overshare on social media.

Oversharing pictures can invite all kinds of unwanted attention and danger. Avoid posting any pictures with personal information, like a boarding pass or passport, to social media. Although your boarding pass (with the gate information circled) and the American Airlines plane in the background will generate a lot of likes on Instagram, they will also give cyber predators easy access to your secure data.

12. Free Wi-Fi does not mean safe Wi-Fi.

Never access financial information or make online purchases on Wi-Fi. It’s very easy for hackers to steal information from public internet servers. Let’s say you’re using public Wi-Fi on your laptop in Starbucks, sipping on your Refresher, and purchasing scuba diving equipment for your next diving trip in Florida Keys. You’re at the checkout section and inputting your Debit Card information. Stop right there! It’s much safer to turn off public Wi-Fi and enable your mobile carrier’s network or a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

Don’t forget the most important part — ENJOY. Remember to put on the sunscreen, take pictures, and enjoy your vacation. Hopefully after reading our tips for the summer, you’re safer, more informed, and less stressed on your vacation.