Debit Cards vs. Credit Cards

person holding UKRFCU Visa Platinum rewards and UKRFCU Debit Cards

UKRFCU offers variety of convenient services that help you shop and make transactions ‘on the go’. Although credit cards and debit cards look almost identical, there are numerous differences.

Debit Cards – A debit card is a card that makes payment by deducting money directly from a member’s Share Draft (Checking Account). Debit card users can spend money by drawing on funds they have deposited on their account. It can be used as debit (authorized by entering the Personal Identification Number) or as credit (authorized by signature). In both cases, money is withdrawn from your Share Draft account and there is no link to your credit history. Available for use with a network of over 70,000 surcharge-free ATMS. To find an ATM near you, please visit www.cu24.com/ATMlocator

Credit Cards – A credit card is a card issued by a financial institution and enables the cardholder to borrow funds from that institution. Cardholders agree to pay the money back, with interest. UKRFCU offers various Credit Cards fit for every lifestyle. From low introductory APR, limited fees, and more rewards, our credit cards give you the power to save on the go! Credit cards offer numerous benefits:

  • Digital Wallet – Access your card on your phone with Apple, Google, Samsung Pay, and all other digital wallets.
  • Availability – 24/7 Service offered to you to discuss any card issues or concerns.
  • Fraud Protection – Protection from credit card fraud with EMV chip and 24/7 fraud monitoring.
  • Rewards – Earn points on your purchases and reimburse them for cash back, travel, or credit onto your account. Credit card users can earn cash, discounts, travel points, and many other perks unavailable to debit card holders by using rewards cards.
  • Peace of mind – As cardholder, you can travel stress-free knowing that VISA has you covered.
  • Credit Score – Having a credit card, means that you have a line for credit! This is great if you are planning to finance a car or purchase a home in the future. As long as you are responsible, having a credit card will help you build your credit score and will build a credit history!