Different Ways to Transfer Money

woman using a phone to do online or mobile banking

Sometimes, you need to transfer money. UKRFCU offers a few ways to move funds that can be done from your kitchen table or from your fingertips on the go. Take a look below for different ways to transfer money at UKRFCU and which option is best for you:

Cash – Although we live in a digital world, cash is one of the easiest ways to get access to. It’s a great option if you need to move money immediately, and withdrawing money is free. Cash withdrawals are available at a UKRFCU branch, any ATM, or Shared Branching location. Locate ATMs and Shared Branching locations on the Mobile app.

Checks – Once again, we live in a digital world, but checks are still a popular option. Why, because it’s also another easy way to transfer money. All you need to know is how to write a check. If you don’t, click here. You can also deposit your checks anytime, anywhere through your Mobile app with Mobile Deposit. Keep in mind that Funds Availability applies if you’re depositing at UKRFCU.

External Transfers – With External Transfers, you can transfer money between your UKRFCU accounts and your own accounts at other financial institutions. Payments and transfers can be set up automatically recurring or scheduled in advance. Make loan payments or transfers funds between accounts from your computer. To learn how to use External Transfers, please click here.

Popmoney – With Popmoney, UKRFCU members can send payments to anyone who has an email address or mobile phone number and a bank account in the United States. Also, you can send payments if you have their routing and account numbers. Send money to family or friends, avoid carrying cash or writing checks, and send money securely. To learn how to use Popmoney, please click here.

Wire Transfer – Wire Transfers are also another option if you need to send a big sum to someone else quickly. Some things to keep in mind is that funds may arrive at the other financial institution the same day or the next business day. Another thing is that you’ll need account and routing numbers from your bank and where you’re be sending the funds. International Wire Transfers are also available (contact UKRFCU for more information). Keep in mind that Wire Transfers tend to be a higher fee depending if it is incoming, outgoing, or international.