National Intern Day

National Intern Day

National Intern Day is July 25, 2019. Created by WayUp in 2017, this day is about recognizing and celebrating interns around the nation. It is celebrated every fourth Thursday in the month of July. Interns are our future. We understand the hard work they do and celebrate this awesome day! We are proud to say that we have had over 20 interns in the past 9 years with various backgrounds and from various universities in the tri-state area. Some of our interns have even stayed with us beyond their internship.

The UKRFCU internship program was established in 2010 with a mindset of teaching young professionals about the importance of credit unions and what exactly they do. The internship provided knowledge and skills for interns to launch their careers in the financial, mortgage, and marketing industries. Throughout the years, our interns have had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the work of consumer financial services institutions. They’ve rotated throughout various credit union departments learning and assisting in the day-to-day operation. Additionally, they assisted in loan processing and loan management, bench marking research, risk management, audit, developing social media communication and other credit union work.

In recent years, our interns were able to shadow members of the Board of Directors in their “day jobs”. The goal of the shadowing program was to allow interns to gain exposure to the work life of various professionals who make up the Board of Directors. During this process, interns developed mentoring relationships that would ultimately help them advance in their own careers after completing academic studies.

Many had the opportunity to shadow our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Roman Petyk. Take a moment to read what our Chairman, Roman Petyk, had to say about our interns in the 2017 Annual Report:

“Our senior management team has also recruited a cadre of fully bilingual young professional employees who are our credit union’s most enthusiastic ambassadors among their peers. I am proud that several of our most promising young employees first joined us through the internship program that we established in 2010. We are making major investments in training this young team so that they will be in a position to step into the ranks of senior management as our current team approaches retirement.” (p. 3)

We encourage young professionals to apply for our internship program in April every year. The program usually begins in June and ends in August. For more information, please stay updated on www.ukrfcu.com.