Email & Text Alerts

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No, this is not another email with coupons or store deals. These are texts regarding your accounts! Keep track of your finances without logging into your Online Banking or Mobile Banking. We provide the option to set up alerts, such as a text messages or emails for every transaction that is over a certain dollar amount. You can also receive a daily summary of your current balance. This is also a great option to set up to monitor your account for signs of unusual activity. Here’s how:

If you are signed up for Online Banking:

1. Log into Online banking
2. Go to My Settings
3. Scroll down to Other settings section and choose Alerts & Notifications
4. Make sure your email/text preferences are up-to-date
5. Press Add an alert and choose desired alert in the drop down
6. Change settings of a newly appeared alert if necessary

If you have downloaded the Mobile Banking App (iPhone or Android):

1. Log into Mobile app
2. Go to More menu and choose Settings
3. Press Push Notifications
4. Scroll to the relevant share and enable desired notifications
5. Change settings of a newly created notification by pressing on it

Stay safe with our email or text alerts.