How to Fund Your Secondary Share Accounts

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If you used our awesome Online Account Opening Tool to recently open an additional account such as a second Savings Account(Secondary Share), a Checking Account(Share Draft), or either Regular or Premium Money Market, you may need to fund your account to start earning dividends! Please note that some accounts may have a minimum balance requirement in order to earn the advertised dividend rates. To learn about the minimum balance requirements for secondary shares and current rates, please visit the following webpages:

Now that you know the minimum balances required for each account type, it’s important that you fund your account with an appropriate amount. Here are the following methods you can utilize to transfer funds into your new UKRFCU Account!

Online & Mobile Banking

UKRFCU Online & Mobile Banking is great for many reasons! They are filled with tons of features that give you control over your accounts and your finances. They give you the ability to do your UKRFCU banking from anywhere at any time. One of those awesome features is funding your new accounts!

If you don’t already have Online or Mobile Banking with UKRFCU, create an account now!

Transfer between your accounts

Fund your new secondary account by transferring funds from one of your existing UKRFCU accounts. Follow these steps to do just that.


  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Hover over “Move Money” in the navigation and click on “Make a transfer or pay loan”
  3. Under “From” select which account you are transferring from.
  4. Under “To” select your new account that you are funding.
  5. In the “Date” field, select when you want the transfer to occur.
  6. Last, enter the amount in the “Amount” section.
  7. if you’d like, fill in the “Memo” section with a reason for the transfer.
  8. Now, click “Make transfer” to process the transaction.
  9. A popup box will appear with a summary of the transfer. After reviewing it, click “Confirm” to complete the transfer.


  1. Log in to Mobile App
  2. In the bottom left corner click on “Make a transfer”
  3. Under “From” select which account you are transferring from.
  4. Under “To” select your new account that you are funding.
  5. Last, enter the amount in the “Amount” section.
  6. if you’d like, fill in the “Memo” section with a reason for the transfer.
  7. Now, click “Transfer” to process the transaction.
  8. A confirmation popup will appear, click “Confirm” to complete the transfer.

External Transfer

if you have an account at another Financial Institution, it is likely that they have a feature built-in their Online Banking platform that does external transfer. Visit your other Financial Institution’s website for information on their External Transfer feature.

Wire Transfer

Transferring money using a Wire Transfer has been around for a long time! Although there are usually fees associated with this service, members and customers of Financial Institutions continue to rely on this service to move money around! To learn more about how you can transfer money to your UKRFCU account using wire transfers, please visit: https://ukrfcu.com/wire-transfer/ . There you will also find our fees associated with this service. If you are ready to process a wire, please download our wire-in form (click here to download), and provide it to the Financial Institution you will be transferring money from.

Visit a Branch

Last, you are always welcome to visit any of our UKRFCU Branches to deposit funds onto your account! For the latest list of our UKRFCU Branches and their hours of operations please visit: https://ukrfcu.com/locations/. If a UKRFCU Branch is out of reach for you, no problem! Know that you can utilize any participating ‘Shared Branching‘ credit union branch to conduct your UKRFCU transactions. To locate the closest Shared Branch to you, visit: https://ukrfcu.com/services/atms-shared-branching/ or locate it using our UKRFCU Mobile App!