5 Reasons to Get a Safe Deposit Box

UKRFCU safe deposit boxes

It’s important to plan for the unexpected – whether with an emergency fund, or with irreplaceable things of sentimental, legal, or financial value.

Safe Deposit Boxes are designed to store valuables that cannot be replaced. It might be an important business document, a family heirloom, or personal legal documents, and the level of security would be very high.  Some of your most valuable possessions may not cost very much money but are priceless to you. While no one wants to consider the possibility of tragic events, protecting your belongings and memories can give you peace of mind. If you are considering getting a Safe Deposit Box, here are a few reasons why our members choose to lease one:

Low-cost Security

Compared to the cost of replacing some of the contents, a safe deposit box rental is a bargain! Costs start at $45 per year and vary based on the size selected. For the most up to date pricing, please visit www.ukrfcu.com/sdb/.

Privacy and Safety

You’re the only one who knows what is inside your safe deposit box. Staff members at UKRFCU and your relatives don’t have knowledge of the contents unless you choose to disclose this information.

Protection from Theft

While a home safe might seem like a good option, thieves can crack the safe or walk off with it altogether (and your valuables that in there). By comparison, Safe Deposit Boxes are more securely constructed and guarded. These boxes are located inside our vaults, behind metal doors and cement walls! In addition, they are waterproof and fireproof!

Eliminate the Stress Caused by Losing Things

If you frequently misplace things, a Safe Deposit Box is a great place to keep important items. That way, you know exactly where all of your valuables are!

Protect Papers and Digital Files

A safe deposit box is a secure place to keep an extra backup copy of your most memorable photos, videos, and electronic documents. For printed documents like marriage and birth certificates, a copy of your will, and insurance papers, consider keeping these documents in a safe deposit box.

If you are ready to lease a safe deposit box – please click here.