Member Education: Protect Yourself

cyber security credit card fraud

The month of October is dedicated to Cybersecurity Awareness as a collaborative effort in industry to raise the importance of cyber security and to help make our online experience safer and more secure. Identity theft and other types of fraud seem to reach the news headlines on a daily basis. As your trusted financial institution, we want to remind you that protecting your member data is our priority.

Should you ever see any unusual transactions on your account, please contact us immediately at (215) 725-4430 so that one of our representatives can help you.

Both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission list types of scams that you and your family should know. Take a few minutes to review these so that you can be better informed. See links below for resources to better protect you:

If you are conducting business with UKRCFU by phone or email our representatives will verify your identity but will never ask you for your on-line login information. They will not ask for you debit or credit card number. They will never ask for your password or pin. If you are not unsure of the identity of a caller just hang up and call us back. Remember caller ID can be faked. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Feel free to contact us any time. We’re here for every phase of, and moment in, life.