Three Ways to be Helpful during COVID-19

Individual helping an elderly person by delivering groceries


I would be willing to bet that in the last 3 months, you’ve said something like “these are strange times” at least once. And now they’re just getting weirder. Some places in the U.S. are starting to open back up a little and some places are locking back down. Another thing you’ve probably said in the last couple months is “I’m ready to get out of this house!” While you may be back at work, a lot of people are still home, either getting used to teleworking or not working at all. If you’re looking for ways to combat being bored out of your mind, here are three ways you can give back to your community…

Like a good neighbor: No this is not a commercial for that farm. How well do you know your neighbors? Do they get around ok? Are they in good health? All of us probably know someone near us who is in the higher risk category when it comes to COVID-19. Have you checked in on them? They may be scared to leave their house, and they may not have anyone to support them. Next time you’re running to the grocery store or pharmacy, check and see if they need anything while you’re out. You may be a life-saver (You’ll know it if they say ‘you’re a life saver!’) and it’ll make you feel good to lend a hand.

Find needs in your community: There are a ton of non-profits who are doing great work right now during these difficult times, and I’m sure they could all use another pair of hands. Reach out to those you support or know of in your area and let them put you to work for a couple hours every week. If you don’t have an organization in mind, check out VolunteerMatch. They’ve got a good list of places to help in my area, and I’m sure they will for you too.

Think of others: This could mean a lot of things. Is your nana, mimi, memaw, or grandmother still on lockdown? Stop thinking about calling her and CALL HER! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing okay, she needs to hear from you.

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